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A day at the schott by Adrian curry

A day at the schott by Adrian curry

I wasn’t sure how to approach the exhibition game (fake basketball) versus Urbana. I went to see my team for the first time for the new season and also see old and new friends. I also went to support my friend Reko Johnson’s daughter who plays for Urbana. I wasn’t there for the score but just to see how both teams played. I ended up impressed with our new freshman especially Madison Greene, Kierstan Bell and jacy Sheldon. Will be fun to watch them grow this season. Also it was nice to reconnect with Cliff Lanthorn as the season gets underway. Also meet new friends such as Duane Sheldon and the families of Rikki Harris and kaelynn satterfield. Also reconnecting with Michelle Clawson Sheppard as well. Was sad not to see Jensen or Braxtin play but life happens. Seeing how excited all of the Urbana parents were after the game and families of the osu players wait for their kids made me very happy inside and appreciative of the game I love. At the same time it made me miss my mom as I will never get to hold or hug ever again and get that smile from her. Sometimes as fans we forget to realize that the players we watch on the court are people too. So I’m excited for the season to start and the high school season to start as well. Glad to be able to talk basketball today and some browns as well. Wish I would have met Angelique Michele but in good time

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