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July hoops by Adrian Curry

July hoops by Adrian curry

What a July for Basketball. The first time in almost 2 years that d1 coaches were out able to evaluate. What a great month of basketball that started in Louisville and ended for me in Cincinnati last Sunday with ogbr top 64. In between then I saw some great basketball starting with roses for rising stars and ended with the finale. This is a month where kids that are under the radar can get noticed by colleges while those kids that are already high on college coaches radar can prove they belong there during the month of July. This is a month where the play is intense and the pressure to perform can be great at times. I saw some great action while in Louisville especially at run for the roses and battle of the Boro. The games were intense as you position yourself to have the best record possible and make a statement. There was some great individual performances that I was impressed with but the one thing I took away from July is how intense the basketball is. From close games to blowouts, the goal is to get better and close out the month showing that you were able to improve, which lead to scholarship offers and difficult choices to make as well. There were many players that played well throughout July that i saw from sports city u’s domination at the finale in both 16 and 17u to the ov dragons really making a statement in cincy with several championships and making it to the bracket final in the final in the class of 2022 and 2024. This proves that the future of girls basketball is very bright. The top 64 showcase brought out the best and brightest stars the state has to offer especially with the classes of 2022-24.

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