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Survive and advance by Adrian curry

Survive and advance by Adrian Curry

They say the best feeling in sports is hitting a game winning shot to help your team move in the tournament. For Madison hensley she experienced that last night. In a game that was worth all the hype between 8th-seeded gahanna and 3rd-seeded Dublin Coffman, it lived up to the hype and a lot more. In a game that was very physical and intense as has been played all season, the stars came out on both sides and played their hearts leaving everything on the floor. Gahanna played well I’m the first half getting hot from the perimeter and limiting jacy sheldon from Coffman to 7 points. Gahanna also did a great job on the boards and limiting Coffman in transition baskets. At the half they led by 14. The 3rd quarter was where the game completely turned and you thought at the point Coffman has seized control. Jacy sheldon exploded for 20 points in the 3rd quarter which allowed Coffman to play at their best in transition. Also you can tell gahanna was playing tight and started missing shots they were making in the first half. By the end of the 3rd quarter what was at 17-point comfortable lead for gahanna turned into a 59-55 Coffman lead. As the 4th quarter began, you wondered would gahanna be able to regain their composure. They certainly were as edyn battle and Morgan Darnell took over in the 4th quarter as they were able to get to the hole leading to easy drives, fouls or 3-point shots. Coffman was up 5 with 2:11 left and this is where gahanna closed them out with an 11-3 run dominated by guard play and great defense on Jacy Sheldon in particular on the last possession where they doubled here forcing the ball out of hands and making someone else’s make a shot to send the game into overtime. The difference in the game was gahanna limiting at times Coffman in transition and making them play in the half court at times as well as hitting 14 threes for the game. Combined both teams hit 22 threes for the game. Leading gahanna with 23 points was edyn battle with Morgan Darnell scoring 19 points. Jacy Sheldon led all scorers with 31 points also Imarianah Russell had 18 points and 12 rebounds. With the win gahanna moves to 18-7 and will face Westerville south for the district championship Saturday afternoon at 5pm at Ohio Dominican. With the loss, Dublin Coffman finishes their season at 22-3. Also this ends the great careers of Jacy Sheldon, Kaitlyn Kopyar and the great senior class of Dublin Coffman. They were part of 4 straight occ championships, a regional final, 2 district championships and a legacy that will never be forgotten. On a personal note, to be able to know such getting to meet a great player such as jacy and Kaitlyn after a tough game like that is an honor and privilege. They will be successful at whatever they do.

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