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Beyond blessed

Beyond blessed by Adrian Curry

I’m not sure where to start this but I will sure try. Yesterday I went and traveled to Louisville to support Gina and wake forest as they played Louisville at the kfc yum center. This was my first acc conference game. To give some background I’m friends with Gina on Instagram and then got to meet joe Fowler and Gina in person last spring at the state tournament at the schottenstein center. Gina is one of my favorite players to follow and I was so excited to finally see her play in person. I got up early in the am and took the greyhound bus to travel to Louisville. I got to Louisville early in the afternoon and went to go to my seat. I had bought my ticket last Monday and told Gina I was coming and then to my surprise she put me on her pass list. I never expect that at all. The seat was behind wake’s bench so I got to see all of the action from a great spot. I was able to meet Gina’s family including her parents who I have met before. I was so humble to meet them and see how they love Gina and the demon deacons. The game itself didn’t go as planned as wake lost 75-61 to a good Louisville team but I was impressed with the fight wale showed and I loved watching wake play and I will definitely watch them play again. Then waiting for Gina after the game and getting to talk to Gina after the game and even gave her a hug. She was so appreciative of me coming to watch her play. Yesterday reminded me of why I live stream basketball games and love the game so much. It was a great experience and you see how Louisville loves their women’s basketball. I was able to see the leadership Gina has and a strong floor game. I want to thank Gina for putting me on her pass list for I had a great seat for the game yesterday and also the conti family for welcoming me with open arms and having a great time with them yesterday afternoon. It made all of the travel I did yesterday well worth it. I can’t wait to watch another wake game very soon.

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