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Dreams do come true by Adrian curry

Dreams do really come true by Adrian Curry

Recently I was given the opportunity to run clock for two of the most prestigious July evaluation tournaments around in run for the roses and battle of the boro down in Louisville. This has been an opportunity I’ve been pursuing since January. To be able to say I was one of 80 people to run clock in two of these events is an honor and a privilege. I’ve always heard how great the basketball is and then to see it in person was beyond amazing. I was on court 13 and was able to see some great basketball including seeing Ohio elite black and capital city stars. There were some great matchups and not so great ones. Being able to see tons of college coaches all in one place including tammi Reiss from university of Rhode Island, who I idolized as a player when I lived in Virginia as a young kid was a dream come true. My friend Cj captain said it best I was a kid in a candy store have walk to walk basketball all day and night. I started running clock at 8 in the am and ended around 10pm both nights while I was at run for the roses. Also the eybl session 2 was also occurring during the run for the roses and there was great talent including angel Reese and team takeover, who would go on and win the championship. They had their own courts which was amazing within itself. Having coaches watch your game and seeing some you know including Jessie Carmack, Daron Fleming and Patrick Klein was an awesome experience. There is some great talent out there especially in the class of 2023. One of the best games I had while in Louisville was Mac Irvin fire thompson vs Tampa aces. The aces were a bigger team and should have dominated inside but turned the ball over after having a sizable lead allowing Mac Irvin fire to come back and win. One of their players had a monster game with over 20 points and would hit key 3’s to fuel their comeback win. The class of 2023 is not only on fire in Ohio but across the country as well. My other favorite game was cap city stars with cate scheiber from Granville and Kelly levering from Olentangy liberty. They played way to win gold. From the outset you can see the game was going to be back and forth as the teams played close early but the way to win gold had seized control. Cap city stars slowly started to come back and got within 1 late in the 2nd half when they hit a three to get the lead and hold as way to win gold missed a game-tying three as time expired. The most impressive team was Ohio elite black who ended losing in the championship final to Mac Irvin fire godfather. They have a great team with recent uc commit Caitlin elsasser along with Amy velasco from centervile and Belmont commit Madison Bartley. They struggled at first but once Amy was inserted into the game they were able to turn it around and coasted to the victory from there. Watch out for centerville this upcoming season, they were one game away from the state tournament and with everybody back will be one of the favorites to get there along with mnd, Wayne and Lakota west. I would like to commend rachele fitz and the Ohio basketball staff for being able to pull so smoothly run for the roses and battle of the boro. It is not easy to run 3 tournaments in 1 building over 5 days and then turn around with 1 day in between and switch over to the battle of the boro. I’m already looking forward to running clock next year. A great opportunity that I won’t soon forget.

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