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Finale at odu

First of all before I go any further I would like to thank the entire staff at Ohio Dominican for making the odu shootouts go smoothly as they did the last two weekends including Jessie Carmack and Lynsey Warren. To host so many teams can be challenging but to do it so smoothly was very much appreciated. The theme for me was who didn’t play especially for gahanna and pickerington central with their top players including injuries to skye Williams, Morgan Darnell and edyn battle. However this game an opportunity for the younger players to play in a high- intensity environment and get their feet wet to what it will be like during the season. The 3 most impressive teams to me yesterday were: fort loramie, worthington Christian and worthington kilbourne. The most impressive player to me without a doubt is kat weakley. It seems she has taken her game up a notch over the summer. Makes worthington Christian a favorite to with the Msl-Ohio again this season and also a chance to make a deep run in the tournament. Also there’s an interview on the she got next page with blessing king and kat weakley as well. One of the best games from an intensity standpoint was gahanna vs Thomas Worthington. I was really impressed with the defense on both sides early on. Thomas worthington is replacing a couple of talented seniors including breanna Beatty who is now playing for Oakland. They really got after on the defensive end and was able to get some quality looks inside early. However gahanna’s speed and talent eventually took over allowing them to get the lead and they never looked back winning by 10. I’m really impressed by gahanna’s guards and how quick they were in the open floor. I also saw Desales and their new coach Krueger. Desales will struggle to score on offense this season. A lot of missed shots and really couldn’t get great looks in the game I watched against kilbourne but they play absolutely great defense and will be a tough team to play against if you aren’t ready. Also watched pickerington central as they didn’t have Nicole Stephens and skye Williams but they debuted a lot of the kids that played last year for ridgeview and they made an impact and were able to dominate inside and was able to get out in the open floor. They were really tall with size and wouldn’t be surprised if one of them dresses varsity this season. Finally I watched kilbourne and they have made a 180 from last season. Their roster has improved and gotten a year older along with a coaching change. The offense was much more aggressive and have many more weapons to deal with. Amya Harris was much more aggressive and shot the ball with great confidence. Her and Lauren Scott will be one of the better backcourts in the occ this season and have kilbourne competing for a wide-open cardinal division. I also got to see Dublin Coffman compete with their younger kids as they start the post-jacy sheldon era. One of the best players coming back this season didn’t play with them but I was impressed with their guards play and how aggressive they were on the boards. I wouldn’t say Coffman will take a step back for they will be a force to be reckoned with.

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