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Thank you by Adrian curru

Thank you by Adrian Curry

First of all before I continue I want to congratulate all of the state champs that won today africentric, Toledo rogers, minster and Mount notre dame. What an accomplishment to complete the journey and in the cases of africentric, Toledo rogers and minster go back to back. The story going into the 2018-19 season was the class of 2019 and how they were going to cap off their legacy. By the end of the season, they left an indelible mark on Ohio high school that will never be seen again. The best class of high school girls ever to play in the state. From setting milestones from having 4 players chosen to play in the McDonald’s all-American game in 2 weeks time to kiersten Bell becoming the three-time Ohio ms basketball joining lebron James as the only three time recipient of the award to jacy sheldon scoring over 2,000 points on her career. Also have three of the top 10 rated players in the nation going to osu, Tennessee and South Carolina respectively. This journey started for me at journey to the tourney at Lakota west and ended tonight at the Schottenstein Center as we crowned our final state champion in division 1. In between I got to see great games, dominating performances, milestones set, upsets and overall great fundamental play. Along the way I lost my dad and the game I loved allowed me to grieve and cover the game I have loved since I was in high school. Being able to see people I haven’t seen in a long time and watching great basketball from games at Westerville south to tecumseh and points in between it has been an honor and a pleasure to cover the game I love. As this chapter closes, I just want to thank everyone along the way that has helped me to cover the game and let my passion for the game grow. Another chapter begins later today for me as I shift to AAU in the spring and being a fan of track. We will meet again when the season starts again at the journey to the tourney November 22nd-24th on thanksgiving weekend. For now ✌️high school hoops and hello aau.

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